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The school is situated in an expanse of 6.5 acres of landscape surrounded by lush green paddy field on Irinjalakuda-Kattoor Road. The SMC is the governing body of the school constituted by elected members from the Sree Narayana Educational society, Irinjalakuda. All the Indian citizens are eligible to get admission subject to the terms and conditions laid down in the prospectus. We follow the directives of CBSE for syllabus and the medium of instruction is English.

  • Punctuality should be observed by strictly adhering to the scheduled programmes of the school.

  • Obey the teacher's instruction in toto and co-operate with the staff for the smooth running of the school.

  • Observe manners and etiquettes in the campus and use words of courtesy wherever applicable.

  • Keep the classroom and campus neat and tidy.

  • Perfect silence should be maintained in the library

  • Students are not permitted to bring Motor vehicles and mobile phones in the school campus.

  • Students are expected to speak English in the school campus.


You can meet the class teachers and subject teachers twice in a month, i.e. second and fourth Wednesdays of every month. Time:3.45pm to 4.30 pm

In case of emergency, send communication through the diary and you will be informed of the date and time fixed for you, on the same day through diary.


  • Parents are requested to be present in parent teacher meetings. In case of unavoidable exigencies your representative may be deputed to avoid communication gap.

  • Parents should check the school diary on a daily basis to have a clear idea of the routine work of the ward.

  • The Students suffering from any contagious disease should not be sent to school.

  • Parents should insist on the careful handling of the text books and note books.

  • Leave request and Communication to teachers/ Principal should be written on the concerned pages.

  • While writing to the school about your ward, always quote his or her full name, class and division.

  • Parents escorting the child to school are not permitted to enter the class rooms.

  • Parents are not permitted to meet teachers during working hours. Parents can meet the teachers between 3-45 p.m. and 4.30p.m. on second and fourth Wednesdays of every month.On other days parents can meet the teacher with the prior permission of the Principal.

  • Any damage to school property caused by the ward, will have to be compensated by the parent.

  • We do not encourage to take students during working hours. However, under unavoidable circumstances, the matter should be brought into the notice of the principal and an exit slip duly filled in should be handed over to the office before taking the ward out of the class.

  • If parents want to convey any message to the class teacher or Principal, make use of the relevant pages in the diary.

  • In case your ward is travelling by your own transport, please ensure that he/she reaches school on time.

  • During rainy season students are allowed to wear black sandals up to Onam Vacation.

  • Students shall not be allowed to sit for the examination unless all fee dues are cleared.

  • Students are not permitted to wear ornaments while attending the school.

  • Change of Phone number, if any to be informed immediately.

  • Students should wear white uniform on Wednesdays compulsorily from the month of June.


  • If not an emergency, leave should be got sanctioned one day before through the school diary. In case of emergency, the diary should be shown to the class teacher with parent's request, the next day.

  • When long leave is inevitable due to unavoidable reasons, a request application should be given to the principal before the commencement of leave. In such cases, the decision of the Principal will be final and binding regarding the promotion of the student.

  • On emergency, a student can be withdrawn from the class after obtaining permission from the Principal and handing over the exit slip signed by the Principal to the teacher in the class. This slip should reach the class teacher concerned and leave should be endorsed in the attendance register.

  • If the absence is due to unforeseen incidents like death of close relative, etc. the matter should be intimated to the Principal’s office immediately through telephone and follow up measures for leave should be completed as early as possible.


Absence in examination is not permitted. However, absence due to medical reasons should be notified immediately with a leave application supported by a medical certificate from the doctor who is attending. In all cases of absence the result will be prepared as per the regulative norms. Re-examinations will not be conducted.


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