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Assessment Modules


Here students are assessed through inter-active programmes conducted regularly through informal and formal examinations. All students are promoted to the next higher class.


Here assessment is an ongoing process throughout the academic year. This involves various techniques - Formal & Informal test. Students performance determine a grade rather than averaging a numerical score. In addition to this I, II Semester Exams are also conducted to measure the progress of students and also to enable this to reach with the expected standards of the next grade.


Formative Assessments and Summative Assessment are conducted at this stage.

FA1 + FA2 = SA1 conducted between June and September

FA 3 + FA4 = SA2 conducted between October and March

A series of tests to assess skill in different aspects are also conducted here.


Directives of CBSE are strictly followed

FA1 - a sum total of different skill based test

FA2 - a sum total of different skill based test

SA1 - is the total of FA1 & FA2 conducted in September which is a school conducted Board Exam. Board sets the question paper here.

This new exam pattern not only promotes spirit or enquiry but also helps the child to acquire physical and emotional perfection enabling him to reflect the all round personality.

FA3 & FA4 are followed by SA2 in March ( SA2 Written Exam is a school conducted board Exam).


Assessments, Tests and Examinations are conducted as follows:

  • Weekly Assessments on all Mondays for all subjects
  • Mid Term Exams - 2 in numbers 1st - in July 2nd - in Nov.
  • A series of Unit Tests
  • Two External Model Exams in January and Feb.
  • Terminal Exam in Sept.
  • A school conducted Model Exam towards the beginning of Jan. CBSE Board Exam will be conducted in the month of March
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