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Our Kindergardern

Yes, that's our Kindergarten. Here we nurture a child to be a successful learner, a confident individual, a responsible citizen. Basic skills are learned through creative plays and social interaction. Adequate opportunities are provided to make the child self-reliant and enhance his creativity. His aesthetic appreciation towards art, music and beauty is encouraged without destroying the child in him. Training is imparted through music, dramatics, plays, storytelling, group activities, games and sports.

All these in a safe, nurturing, loving and caring atmosphere through new concepts in a fun, stress-free manner!!


We have a small cute park for outdoor games under the shade of beautiful trees-protecting our kids from the scorching heat. The little ones spend some time playing on the swing, slides and see-saw etc. enjoying the nature. We are well equipped with numerous educational toys like building blocks, beads, kitchen sets etc. for our kids to explore, experiment and enhance their imaginative skills.


KG diary is child friendly and activity oriented. The parents are very much aware of their child's progress - in every sense - through the diary. It has been designed with an exclusive vision of making any child the best - by the end of the year with the combined effort of the teacher and parent.

Apart from these activities in the diary we have a year long programme charted out for the kids (infant every month) - to bring out any innate talent within them. We make sure every child is given adequate opportunities to bloom into a confident, cheerful and self-sufficient individual to face the competitive world.

Our care for safety

From 9'0 clock onwards the kids are under our care. They have two snacks break apart from the lunch break. The LKG kids are allowed to have a nap In the afternoon. In the evening one of the teachers stay back after school hours to ensure the safe return of each child back home.

At present our strength is 200 with 3 divisions of LKG and UKG respectively. KG is lead by our veteran Co-ordinator Mrs. Sybil Pereira who has been in the school since its inception.

The perfect blend of natural surroundings with modern amenities make the ambience ideal for learning with exploration and growth. From the Mothers Lap... To the Oasis of Education
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