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Santhinikethan Public School reaped 100% victory in AISSCE ans AISSE. 15 Students won full A1 in class X.In XII Abhijith Bhuvan Das,the school Topper, proved his mettle with 93.2%.Congratulations to all our Gems.

Irinjalakuda is a Municipal Town with historic importance and rich cultural heritage. With the object of bringing the large number of people settled here for professional, educational and business purposes under an umbrella in order to develop social contacts, friendship and cordial relation with each other, a charitable society-Sree Narayana Club was formed in 1992.

Sree Narayana Guru of the Universe (Prayer)

We bow before SREE NARAYANA GURU of the Universe,
The saviour of the oppressed and the down-trodden
We look to you with awe and inspiration.
A teacher that you are of universal wisdom,
You are the beacon - light of millions,
The hope of the day and the future,
A poet, a prophet, a philosopher and a philanthropist,
You are a rationalist, a revolutionary, a reformer,
And an incarnation, all rolled into one.
The revolution you brought about in Kerala
Remains unparalleled in the annals of history.
No hatred, no bloodshed,
All achieved by simple words and messages.
And by deeds as simple as the installation
And consecration of idols,
Earlier the better for man, therefore, to imbibe,
Your clarion call of
"One caste, One religion, One God for man ."
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A Co-educational Senior Secondary School
Affiliated to CBSE Delhi, No: 930324
KERALA-680 121
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Sree Narayana Educational Society, Irinjalakuda